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Where Can I Buy CM-X©?


What is CM-X®;?

CM-X® is a 100% drug free all Natural Proprietary Cinnamon Cassia Extract that is Health Canada approved to HELP SUPPORT/MAINTAIN HEALTHY BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVELS. It contains 12 times more concentrated molecules than are found in regular household Cinnamon Cassia."


What research have you done to support the health claims you’re making about CM-X®?

The health benefits of Cinnamon Cassia have been well documented. Innovative Life Sciences Corporation (ILS) consulted with several leading manufacturers and their
in-house PhD scientists, two of the world’s leading universities as well as our own consultants to research the science behind Cinnamon Cassia.

We then retained Experchem Laboratories to analyze the existing literature to determine the exact formulation and dosage to determine the maximum benefits of active molecules found in Cinnamon Cassia.

ILS commissioned a successful independent Health Canada approved double- blind placebo-controlled crossover human clinical trial on it's proprietary Cinnamon Cassia extract.


Can I get the same benefits from raw household cinnamon?

No. Cinnamon has low concentration of active substances (polymers). You would need to take a very large amount of this type of Cinnamon Cassia to achieve the same benefits as CM-X® extract. You would also be consuming the unwanted Coumarin that is found in raw cinnamon that is also a toxin.


Is CM-X® suitable for children?

No. It is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.